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Jeannie Weber  

Pharmanex Lifepak Anti-aging Vitamin Supplement Testimonials
Larry, Illinois
I am 57 years of age and as of three (3) years ago, was determined a Type II diabetic. By weight standards, I am also considered obese. Presently I am on five (5) different oral prescriptions for my diabetes. In addition to my prescriptions, I have been on a well advertised supplement for over three (3) years. I originally got scanned in Provo, UT in September, 2002 and my original scan was 16,500. With the average population on no supplements of 19,500, obviously I was quite disappointed.
Due to product just ordered, I did not start taking LifePak till January of 2003. A subsequent scan in March of 2003 was 22,000 and I now scan 25-27,000. Obviously, I would like a higher number but my current scans indicate a 60%+ increase.
Within the last thirty (30) days, I have been successful in losing weight with a combination of the Atkins Diet and Pharmanex TRA Weight Management System. My prior attempts at weight loss through over two (2) years of nutritional counseling had been unsuccessful.
The most important health improvements that my doctor has noted are the stability of my blood sugar levels and recent A1C test results. An A1C tests the history of the last 90 days of your blood sugars. Those prior tests had been consistently 8-9 indicating a diabetes "out of control." A test of 6 or below is considered "in range" and a non-diabetic. My last two A1C tests, 90 and 30 days ago were 6.8 and 6.4. Needless to say, my doctor is quite amazed at these results.
I plan to reach my weight goal and be off all prescription medications within the next six to eight months.

Maria, I want to pass a testimonial on to you about LifePak.  I was diagnosed a diabetic Type II in April 2001, when I was rushed to the hospital where it was discovered that I had had, two Myo-cardial Infarctions or Mis as the doctors call it.  My blood sugar then was 480.  Well after being treated with medications for my heart condition I was released and my life change forever.  No more eating whatever I wanted to eat.  I joined the nations first Diabetes Type II and Obesity study that I will be involved in for 12 years.  It is called the Look Ahead program.  Here is my story.  I have struggled last year with emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder in August 2001, and pancreanitis in November 2001.  I began taking LifePak.  I started taking LifePak in September 2002.  I went to convention and was scanned @ 22,500.  I have been real sick a lot more than usual, but I noticed after taking  the LifePak supplements, I started feeling better.  I visited with a friend this past Sunday, 9/29/02, and they said, are you doing ok?  I responded yes I am, I feel better, well we noticed that your eyes seem a lot clearer than usual.  This morning I went to my class at the Baylor College of Medicine facility and I brought in some LifePak.  The other participants in my group had not seen me in three weeks, and they remarked that I looked great.  I had lost weight, about 4 lbs, and I was feeling better.  They all wanted to know what I had changed and I then told them about LifePak.

Awakening one Sunday night at 2 a.m. feeling like there were 10,000 butterflies in my veins, I knew that something was not right.  First thing the next morning, I went to se my long time friend and doctor, Ed Anorga.
After doing a basic work-up, Ed sent me to Torrance memorial Hospitals Emergency Room where I was told that with a blood sugar level of 380, normal being 80-120, that I had Adult Onset Diabetes.  Great, I thought, having visions or non-visions I should say of blindness and amputations followed by a nasty death.
I received blood testing and insulin injecting 101 and was off to four injections a day for the first month.  Wonderful&I was sure that this thing had me for life and I was truly concerned and a little scared after waking up a few mornings with hurting feet.
Having met Karen Johnson 7 months earlier in September, it was a natural that she tried to get me on LifePak, but having taken them with less than a full meal, I experienced some stomach discomfort.  I had only taken about three or four packets before April and my Diabetes diagnosis.  Willing to try anything reasonable, I started taking LifePak Prime, twice a day with meals, cut back on food with high sugars, had to cut out fruit juices, bananas, and many other fruits, and of course, candy and deserts.
Half way through the second month, my insulin requirements started dropping and by the end of the month, I was down to two injections per day.
My blood sugar levels continued to drop and by the end of June, every other day or so, I only needed one shot instead of two.  The middle of July brought me to a point of actually being able to go a day or two without any injections at all.  At the end of July, I called Dr. Anorga for an appointment because I was concerned about going a week without any insulin whatsoever.  Needless to say, he was quite surprised and told me to monitor my blood sugar every day, which I continue to do, but if my level was less than 130, I did not need to take any insulin.  I am scheduled for some blood work to double check my pancreas at the end of the month, but, if everything continues the way it is going, Ive kicked Diabetes and I truly believe LifePak played a significant roll.

I was invited be scanned by the BioPhotonic scanner to see my antioxidant level.  As my body defense score measured 26,294 I was eager to reduce the free radical damage and increase my antioxidants in my body.  I was excited to learn about a supplement called Lifepak that was guaranteed to increase my body defense score.  Since I had a whole cabinet full of all kinds of supplements I was relived to know that one box of Lifepak would replace that.  Not only did I feel good about the savings I felt great about the company  Pharmanex.  This was the first time I had total confidence in purchasing a multivitamin proving that what is on the label is actually in the bottle with the highest standards in the industry backing it up.

Two months later after being on my lifepak I had another scanning.  My score read 47,715 I nearly fell over.  I knew that my score would be higher because I felt better, had more energy and did not catch every cold that came my way.  After realizing what an incredible product I was taking I immediately got all my family members involved with Pharmanex products.

Piers, Connecticut
I scanned at the convention at around 42,000. I then decided to take a test and went off Lifepak for two months and it went down to below 32,000. I was last scanned  last month at 54,000!! I also take Optimum Omega and Cortitrol every day, along with Hawthorn and others. 

Carie, Illinois
My mom reads everything she can get her hands on about nutrition.  She receives several nutrition newsletters per month and is always up on the latest information.  She has always loved Pharmanex and says we're always way out in front with our research and ingredients, however had problems taking LifePak in the past (nausea, indigestions).  Therefore she was taking probably 10 different things at the time she was first scanned, a month a half ago.  Her scan was 13,000. She was SO disappointed and decided her body just was not able to absorb nutrients properly; perhaps due to a liver problem, some digestion problems etc.
She made the commitment to try LifePak again being careful to take it with food and give it enough time to let her body get used to it.  I scanned her again after not quite 30 days.  Her scan was over 23,000.  She was thrilled to say the least and our entire family was relieved.
My husband almost doubled his score from 20,000 to 36,000 in less than 60 days by improving his diet and taking the LifePak faithfully twice a day.  The scanner has done a wonderful thing in motivating us to take responsibility for our health by making better food choices and taking our packets regularly.
Stephanie, Washington
I have been a LifePak user for over a year&My initial scan score was at 18,500 and now I am over 40,000!  As the mother of 3 boys and the owner of two businesses the best thing that LifePak has done for me is helped me to maintain the fast pace lifestyle I have with energy instead of exhaustion.

Paula, California
Ive been on LifePak Women for years. 
My initial scan was in the mid 40s & after that I started taking Optimum Omega regularly because it helps with absorption.  My last scan was at 58,000!  and the only thing I did differently was add the Optimum Omega to the mix of products I take daily. 

Ann, Florida
After about a month on LifePak, I have had and still have more energy than most of my friends.   My last Cholesterol measurement showed my HDL (good chol.) level much higher.
Last September (2002) I was Scanned for the first time and my Body Defense Score was 37,000.  I was not real happy with that score (even though many people at that time were) since I knew Antioxidants were the ticket to not just good, but great health. 
Have been Scanned several times since and have had scores in the 40s.
For the last year or so, I  have been eating more fresh vegetables and some fruit.
Since I added Tegreen 97, ReishiMax and Optimum Omega this year, my last BDS was...are you ready...54,270.   AND, I'm not finished.  My goal is to get over 70,000 in the next year or two.  The more I learn about Antioxidants, Free Radicals and Disease, the higher I want to go.

Terry, Washington
Ive been the worst testimonial of healthy eating habits ever known to mankind.  The only way Id get fruits and veggies is if I had a pizza!  Add to that an extremely active lifestyle, a pot or so of coffee a day, and, Ill admit, alcohol.  I got on LifePak in 1992, and noticed a difference within 2 weeks.  As the Executive Officer for an entire Group of Nuclear B-52 Aircraft, I was in an extremely stressful job.  If you opened my top middle drawer, youd find a very large bottle of aspirin (Id take about 5 at a time), and a bottle of Malox (who needs a spoon  you just drink out of the bottle.)  About 2 weeks after I got on LifePak, I noticed that things just started clicking.  I could think much better on my feet.  I seemed to have more energy, and be in a better mood!  I felt like I was on top of my game.  Im telling you:  It was a tremendous difference!
A year or so ago I was scanned with the Antioxidant Scanner, and came in at 30,000.  Not bad for my diet and lifestyle, but not good enough  it pointed out that I was only taking LifePak once a day most of the time.  Now that I take it twice a day, I scan over 40,000!!!  Im quickly approaching 40 years old, have been active in Martial Arts.  Im one of the oldest guys in the class, but still hold my own pretty darn well.  Now, heres the kicker:  Realizing that I need my antioxidant scanner score as high as possible to fight the ravages of Free Radical Damage, Im starting to change my eating habits!  Im starting to introduce that foreign concept of fruits and veggies into my daily diet, slowly but very surely.  Who knows:  maybe someday Ill back off on the coffee!  OK& one step at a time&
Folks, for your own good:  Get on LifePak.  It makes a HUGE difference.  And, so does keeping track of your score.  Your health is the most important thing you have.  And once you lose it, its gone forever.

My husband Walt and I have been Lifepak users for over 10 years. My initial scan score was 43,000 and Walt's was 36,500. He is in his mid 50's and basically has led a healthy lifestyle..healthy food at home, moderate exercise, non smoker and non drinker.  Healthy lifestyle with one exception...he ate too much fast food while on the run and drank at least one can of cola EVERY day. Because of the
scanner our whole family became more conscious of healthy nutrition, and with our 14 year old daughter's encouragement, Walt made a new year's resolution in January 2003 to cut out "junk" food and  soda pop. By March of this year his score had jumped to 52,500 and has remained around that level ever since!

I did take LifePak before, everyone knows you should take vitamins.  But, I was not diligent about taking them everyday as directed.
    When the scanner was introduced, I quickly got scanned and was not too pleased with my results.  I try to eat well, but I am a smoker.  (Please save the lecture - I know I need to quit!).  My score was only 18,000!  I quickly started to follow the recommendations for taking LifePak, twice a day and was scanned 2 months later.  My score went up to 29,000!
    Now I know this still isn't a great score, but here is where the interesting part comes in.  I have a good friend who considers himself in wonderful shape.  He is, by profession, a personal trainer, VP of a large corporate fitness club, exercises regularly and eats well.  To look at him, he is the picture of health.  I asked him about his vitamins and he told me he believes in them and he takes his Centrum every day, without fail.  I challenged him to get scanned.  He only scored 16,000!  When he found out that even my initial score was higher than his, he immediately agreed that he should switch his vitamins! 
    What great product.  Everyone should know about LifePak and Pharmanex.

Renee, RN, Washington
Just a short note to tell you the results of my taking LifePak for 2 months.  I went to give blood the other day, I was never able to do it because my blood count wasn't high enough, low and behold my RBC count went from 10 to 13.9.  Isn't that great?!   Now I am able to donate when they ask me at work.
I have also noticed that I am not tired all the time and especially about 3PM when I always wanted to take a nap. 
I am sold on LifePak and will never be with out it again.

Dr. Andaz
My wife who is a General Surgeon has always had a low hemoglobin for years.  Her Hb has always been around 9 gms.  She is a consistent user of Life Pak.  Today she got her blood check and her HB shot to 13 gms
She is thrilled and swears by Life Pak.
Thank you Pharmanex and the wonderful scientists who continue to make high grade products.

Jenny, Australia
I take my blood pressure every day. Now I've gone down to 1/2 the amount of medicine prescribed to me. This is in conjunction with exercise and a change to a vegetarian diet. I think in future, if it is that good, I can go off the medicine completely.  LifePak and Overdrive, certainly gives me the energy and I noticed the difference on any ordinary person who is having a normal stressful job.   Before my blood pressure was 180/100, nearly become a stroke victim. Now it's 130/80.

Connie, Connecticut
My husband, a dentist, and I have been on LifePak since it was first available years ago!  We wouldnt live without it!  Even though we are now in our early 50s we have never felt better.  Over five years ago, after a normal blood test, the MD who was director of the lab phoned my results to me personally.  His statement was you have blood most people would kill for!    He went on to explain all the stats and how perfect they were, and told me that he had chosen to personally phone me with the great news.    I asked if he wanted to know what I was doing.  He said, yes, of course.  He became a LifePak user and also was a proponent of Metabotrim after his waistline shrank significantly! 

Verne, Washington
I have been taking LifePak for about eight years. My health has been very good and my energy level is very high. About five years ago my eye doctor said I had Macular Degeneration and there wasn't any known cure for it. (not a good prognosis). I continued to take LifePak and continued to feel great. Then I started taking Eye Formula. About six months ago I read a testimony of someone who doubled the dosage of Eye Formula because of Macular Degeneration, so I did the same. About the same time I went in for my regular eye exam. At that time my doctor gave me a list of vitamins that the Ophthalmology Assoc. is now recommending. LifePak contains all of these vitamins, plus a lot more.
When I took my prescription to Costco for new lenses, the employee said, after looking up my record in the computer, "Oh, that's nice". I asked her what she meant by that. She said my eye sight has improved the last three times I had my eyes examined. I really do believe that, overall, LifePak has been the primary reason for my improved eye sight and I feel that Eye Formula has also helped tremendously. One test that I take at home to see if the Macular Degeneration has progressed, has shown, on the contrary, that it has improved. I think this is due to both LifePak and Eye Formula. Thank goodness for these great products.

I have a customer (Usha) that has had allergies for years and has been on LifePak.  She has eliminated her allergy symptoms.  She can live without the suffering symptoms.  She also has more energy to go through the day.  She says LifePak is a better solution than taking all the individual solutions.

Peter, Norway
I have a confession to make. Last year, I took Life Pak only in the mornings. But my millennium resolution was to include LifePak in my evening meals as well as for breakfast. And that has paid off! This year is the first spring in more than ten years that I have not been hit by birch pollen.

And in my region (Scandinavia) the newspapers report the pollen count to be more than eight times higher than normal. My sincere thanks to LifePak.

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